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do I need a referral?

No. Although we encourage you to talk with someone, a friend or family member, you do NOT need their approval or permission to have an abortion. In Canada, abortion is safe, legal and available upon request.

how much will it cost?

It is free. The Morgentaler Clinics in Ontario and Newfoundland are fully covered by provincial insurance. In Quebec and New Brunswick, only abortions performed at hospitals are covered by provincial health insurance. Please contact us to discuss your options and the resources that are available to you.

will it hurt?

You will be given a local anesthetic and intravenous sedation to keep you as relaxed and comfortable as possible. You may feel mild discomfort and cramping, much like menstrual cramps.

how long does it take?

The procedure itself takes about 5-10 minutes. Your appointment (which includes counselling, ultrasound, a doctor’s exam and aftercare) takes 2 to 3 hours. Feel free to request a female doctor. Feel free to request a female doctor.

please note!

you must not drive to or from the clinic. if you have driven to the clinic, you will be rebooked automatically.No exceptions: it is for your own health and safety.

what to expect

It’s a big decision. But it’s a very safe procedure. Just knowing what to expect can ease your mind.

fact or fiction

Every woman deserves the chance to make an informed decision about her pregnancy. And that means getting the facts.

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